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Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express 1.8

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Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express is a simple and intuitive tool that anyone can use to produce high-quality, self-evaluating tests and exams using the multiple choice form of assessment. Creating the quizzes themselves is such an easy and rewarding task that anyone can manage it. Besides, all the questions and answers you build for your tests will be stored in an internal database for reuse.

This application is a simplified version of another excellent utility called Teaching Templates and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker. Professionals pointed out to the program’s developers that they did not need all the functionality offered by that tool, and that they could do very well with a simpler – though equally effective – version of it. That is how this Express version was born, and the outcome is simply excellent. As they say, the best is the enemy of the good, and this tool is a living example of it.

Creating quizzes with this tool is as simple as it may be. The questions and their respective choices are added one at a time, and you can make your test as long as needed. You can even append already existing questions from your database or from an external file. That is certainly one of the beauties of this tool – the fact that you work can be reused again and again (by you or your colleagues) thanks to the database where all your questions and answers will be stored. Add to this the fact that you can embed images and music to your tests to make them look less imposing and you will appreciate the real value of this quiz-making tool.

The other main asset is the simplicity of the publication process. The program can generate an HTM file with your quiz – images and sound included – saving you all the trouble of dealing with files, folders, and links. The quiz can be designed in a way that all the results are submitted to you via e-mail for consideration. Finally, the test can also be double-locked using a two-password protection system.

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  • Clear and self-explanatory interface
  • Simple and intuitive workflow that makes this tool suitable for all type of users
  • Produces excellent, neat test layouts
  • Reusable content, thanks to its internal database


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